Why Choose Dubai Airport Free Zone For Starting Your Business?

When it comes to free zone business setup in Dubai, it is best to choose Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA has your destination. The place offers lucrative business and investment opportunities to the professionals and has several modern amenities. Several multinational corporations starting from IT, electronics, cosmetics, aerospace, logistics, aviation and much more have business setups here. This business sector contributes more than 4% to the GDP of Dubai. Here are some benefits to know.

DAFZA Offers Strategic Location For Business:

This place is ideal for free zone business setup in Dubai in terms of the location. The international airport of the city is close to the place. This makes business travelling quite fast and easy with connectivity to more than six continents and 220 destinations. Businesses located here also have easy access to cargo handling and logistics. This caters to the export and import needs perfectly. Thus, your business is sure to become more productive with these benefits.

Free Zone Company Formation

Incentives With Regard To Tax And Investment:

Companies in the DAFZA enjoy 100% ownership of foreign company and exception to corporate taxes. There are no restrictions with regard to currency. One can also enjoy tax exemptions in export, import, and personal income by setting up companies here. Moreover, you can have complete repatriation of profits and capital.

Lucrative Office Spaces For Business:

DAFZA offers state-of-the-art office spaces to the entrepreneurs to carry on businesses in Dubai. There are innovative packages for these office spaces available which you can choose depending on your specific requirements. Moreover, entrepreneurs can also customize the workspaces to suit their own working environment. Hire free zone business setup consultants in Dubai who can help you in getting the ideal locations for your office.


Acquaintances With International Companies:

This free zone also offers connectivity, incentive packages and support from various multinational corporations from different continents. This helps you in conducting global business and enables businessmen to take the advantages of the international markets. Several eminent Japanese companies have their headquarters in DAFZA. You can easily collaborate with these high-profile companies take your business to new heights.

Myriad Options For Business Activities:

The free zone offers a permit different types of licenses like the trade license, industrial license, service license, and license for general trading. This is the key factor which attracts several businessmen to setup their ventures here. Moreover, the company setup procedure is also quite simple in DAFZA and all the steps are perfectly streamlined.

Business setup in Dubai

If you are looking for a reliable Offshore Company Setup Consultants in Dubai then Dubai Business Setup is the ideal platform to depend on. We prioritize the needs of our clients and help in taking their businesses to the next level.

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